Fil de presse Francine Gravel

15-01-2019   Francine Gravel
Internationale Award CARAVAGGIO Great Master of Art
Média: Journal

This is the Award confirmation I received with the poster above.

Plus one book called: International Prize Caravaggio

Page 79 my painting Danse au son du Piccolo: 14” x 11” was reproduced.

Also on page 118 in the Magazine Art International contemporary




25-12-2015   Francine Gravel
The Best 2015 Modern and Contemporary Artist
Média: Autres
Nom: EA Editore - Palermo © 2015
15-09-2015   Francine Gravel
Artista per L'unicef Francine Gravel page 147
Média: Magazine
Nom: Effetto Arte Diretto da Paolo Levi Anno 5-#5 September/October 2015
25-06-2015   Francine Gravel
Francine Gravel page 27
Média: Magazine
Nom: Artist Spectrum Volume 33 Spring/Summer 2015
19-05-2015   Francine Gravel
Roma Imperiel International Prize 2015 Francine Gravel P. 64
Média: Autres
Nom: Effetto Arte Diretto da Paolo LeviAnno 5- numero 3 Mai/Juin 2015
01-04-2015   Francine Gravel
IL Genio dell'Arte Francine Gravel Page 106 &107
Média: Magazine
Nom: Effetto Arte Diretto da Paolo Levi Anno 5- #2 March/April 2015
01-03-2015   Francine Gravel
Sandro Botticelli Prize Francine Gravel page 28
Média: Revue
Nom: EA Editore .Florence
04-11-2014   Francine Gravel
Francine Gravel page 98
Média: Autres
Nom: Artist Spectrum Volume 32 Autumn/Winter 2014
17-03-2009   Francine Gravel
Francine Gravel
Média: Autres
Nom: Madeleine a woman's world
18-02-2009   Francine Gravel
Artist picks up lifetime achievement award by Glenna Turnbull
Média: Journal
Nom: arts seen eVent
12-03-2008   Francine Gravel
SAR le Prince Philippe de Belgique
Média: Site web
Nom: ArtAcademieNouvelles
02-01-2008   Francine Gravel
Methods of the masters creates luminosity
Média: Journal
Nom: Capital News Pulse
30-11-2007   Francine Gravel
Accolades galore for Kelowna artist
Média: Autres
Nom: EVent Arts in eVent life page 17 The Daily Courier
23-10-2007   Francine Gravel
entrevue radio, pour l'APÉRO
Média: Radio
Nom: CHFA, Radio-Canada Calgary
16-05-2002   Francine Gravel
Kelowna artist designs special 50 cent piece
Média: Autres
Nom: showcase - Capital News
19-12-2001   Francine Gravel
Colourful bears to prowl streets in new art project
Média: Journal
Nom: Capital News
13-10-2000   Francine Gravel
Musical and mystical
Média: Autres
Nom: Edmonton Journal
27-02-2000   Francine Gravel
Come on, get happy
Média: Autres
Nom: The Okanagan Sunday