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Master Charles Carson, A Brilliant Jewel, 35 Years of Creation


Réalisateur: ARABELLA Magazine, Canadian Art, Winter 2012,

ARABELLA Magazine, Canadian Art, Architecture & Design, Winter 2012 - Artist to Collect, Master Charles CARSON, 35 Years of Creation


Master Charles CARSON Artist to Collect 35 Years of Creation

A Brilliant Jewel written by Debra Usher

To leave his mark in the world, Charles Carson became a painter. Thanks to this choice to pursue his unique talent, the fascination with his work will last long past his lifetime. His art, which is both organic and spiritual, often comes as a revelation once we become more sensitive to his message. To discover Charles Carson is to rediscover nature -- and, for most of us, it's love at first sight.

The term "Carsonism" reflects Carson's All consuming devotion to original painting. He is the innovator of a unique pictorial language or style, of which he is the father and founder. His mosaic technique has a complexity of colour and vibrancy, yet does not leave us clues to his secret. He knows where he is going and, as his audience and art lovers, we simply have to follow.

His brushstrokes on the canvas are akin to the soaring notes found in the best alto sax solos. May one dare say David Sanborn and John Coltrane in the same breath as Charles Carson? History will decide that, but in his own time Carson gives a vibrant tip of the hat to the incomparable mystery and uniqueness of life -- all of which are reflected in his canvases.

From almost the beginning it was understood that Charles Carson would be a success. The perfect coordination of skill, movement, pace and organization and the incredible brightness of his palette remind us of the wonderful paintings from 1950-1960 of Jean-Paul Riopelle. But Carson, by his clarity and transparency, shows us he is different and of equal quality.

It is an abundance of colour and density that sets him apart. In Carson's work he presents us with a stunning depth to his palette, as he slips from abstraction to figurative within a single brush stroke. He takes us on a trip through a universe of varying dimensions; to discover a world in which living forms are born of his own dreams and reflections -- on Earth, over the sea or via the flight of a bird.

Charles Carson has embraced his chosen mode of expression with the passion of a master, but he also possesses the nerve of an adventurer and the intellect of a historian. He has devoted himself entirely to his art since 1983, participating in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.

Today, Carson has gained recognition at the international level and become known among art historians and consultants for his unique style. He is considered by critics to be one of the great contemporary artists, having learned the pictorial language once spoken by Jean-Paul Riopelle, Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis and Wassily Kandinsky, and he has forged forward -- translating and updating this style in wholly original ways these earlier geniuses never even imagined.» ....

To see more of his work visit Inglewood Fine Art at 1223 B - 9th Avenue, SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada, OR TELEPHONE: 1.403.262.5011

ARABELLA Magazine:

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